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   Monthly Economic Reviews


2014 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review
Jan The Introduction of an Over The Counter Trading (OTC) Trading Mechanism by the Central Bank of Lesotho: Implications for the Economic Growth
2013 Economic Reviews    

Month Economic Review Format
Oct Recent Economic Developments: Implications for Lesotho Economy
Sep Financial Stability: A Core Function for Modern Central Banks
Aug Private Sector Credit Behaviour in Lesotho
Jul The Southern African Development Community Integrated Regional Settlement System (SIRESS): What? How? and Why?
Jun Development Policy Operation for Lesotho
May An assessment of the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) Program
Apr International Monetary Fund's April 2013 World Economic outlook (Risks, Hopes, Realities): Implications for Lesotho's ecconomy.
Mar Modernization of payment system in Lesotho
Feb Kingdom of Lesotho 2013/14/ budget: Promoting growth for economic and social development.
Jan Development of secondary market for Government securities in Lesotho:  A brief

2012 Economic Reviews    

Month Economic Review Format
Dec World Bank Global Monitoring Report(GMR): Food Prices, Nutrition, and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Nov The Economic impact of Youth Unemployment in Lesotho
Oct African Human development Report 2012:Towards a Food Secure Future
Sep Commercial Bank's Credit Extension to the Private Sector in Lesotho has Recently Surged  ...   What are the Factors?
Aug Collective Wage Bargaining in South Africa: What are the Implications for Lesotho's Economy?
Jul The Role of Diamond Mining Sector in Lesotho's Economy
Jun An increase in the Southern African Customs Union Revenue in 2012/13 - Case for Lesotho
May The National Strategic development Plan 2012/13
Apr Recent Global Economic Developments: Implications for Lesotho's Economy
Mar Lesotho's |Consumer Inflation: A closer look at the Numbers
Feb Lesotho's 2011/2012 Crop Forecasting: Lesotho's food security under threat.

Lesotho's budget for Fiscal Year 2012/2013:Strengthening Fiscal Resilience and National Competitiveness for Accelerating Economic Growth and Development.

2011 Economic Reviews    

Month Economic Review Format
Dec Lesotho’s Economy in Perspective: A Review of Major Macroeconomic Challenges
Nov Human Development Report (HDR) 2011: Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future For All
Oct The Green Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Lesotho
Sep International Monetary Fund's September 2011 World Economic Outlook: Slowing Growth, Rising Risks: Implications for Lesotho's Economy
Aug South-Africa (SA) Accelerating Inflation at a Time of Hesitant Economic Recovery: Implications for Monetary Policy
Jul The Government of Lesotho Signs an Agreement with the World Bank for a Third Poverty Reduction Support Grant and Credit (PRSGC -3)  
Jun Africa Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA): Economic Impact and Future Prospects
May European and US Debt Crises: Causes, Policy Responses and Implications for Lesotho's Economy
Apr The International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook, April 2011: Tensions from the Two-Speed Recovery: Unemployment, Commodities, and Capital Flows
Mar The Hike in International Oil Prices and its Implications on Lesotho's Economy
Feb Lesotho's Budget Speech for Fiscal Year 2011/2012
Jan The Process of Preparing the National Strategic Development Plan is Launched

2010 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review Format
Dec The Impact of the Global Economic Recession on Lesotho: 2010 Economic Developments, Policies and Challenges
Nov Human Development Report 2010: The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development
Oct The strengthening of the Loti against major currencies: Implications for Growth and Employment in Lesotho
Sep Latest Developments in Production and Prices of Food Commodities : A Review and Preview of Grain Prices
Aug Government of Lesotho Plans to Introduce Treasury Bonds: Implications on Economic Growth
Jul World Bank's New Country Assistance Strategy for Lesotho
Jun Doing Business 2010: Reforming Through Difficult Times
May The Government of Lesotho Gets US61.4 Million from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the Extended Credit Facility
Apr International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook, April 2010: Rebalancing Growth
Mar The Statement of the Monetary Policy Committee in View of the General Macroeconomy
Feb Lesotho's Budget Speech for Fiscal Year 2010/2011: An Aggressive Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Expenditure Prioritisation is an Imperative
Jan Recent Developments in the Manufacturing Sub-sector in Lesotho: Prospects for Diversification over Products and Markets

2009 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review Format
Dec The Bureau of Statistics (BOS) has released results of the 2008 Integrated Labour Force Survey
Nov The role of Private Sector Development in economic growth: the case of Lesotho
Oct Human Development Report 2009: Overcoming Barriers: Human Mobility and Development
Sep International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook October 2009: Sustaining the Recovery
Aug Importance of Capital Market as an instrument of Economic Development
Jul The Strengthening of the Loti Exchange Rate: Implications for the Economy of Lesotho
Jun The African Competitiveness Report 2009
May Revision of Electric Tariffs: Economic Implications for Lesotho
Apr Would the Criticism of the Inflation Framework Pursued by South Africa be Justified
Mar Effects of the Current Global Economic Slowdown: Impacts and Challenges for .......
Feb Lesotho Budget Speech for Year 2009/2010: Despite the Ravaging Financial Storms, ......
Jan The Global Economic Downturn: Economic Implications for Lesotho

2008 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review Format
Dec Global Fiscal Stimulus: Will it work for Lesotho?
Nov Regional Economic Integration in Africa: Benefits for Lesotho
Oct Official Opening of New University In Lesotho: Implications for Economic Development
Sep Introduction of Government Pension Fund and its Implications on Inflation, Saving & Investment in Lesotho
Aug Central Bank Of Lesotho Implements Strategies Aimed At Strengthening Money Market In Lesotho: Implications For Economic Growth
Jul “FFF” Conundrum: The Effects of Rising Prices of Fuel, Food and Finances
Jun Lesotho National Identification Card System As A Prequisite For The Establishment Of A Credit Bureau: Implications For Finance Access And Economic Growth
May Home Loans and Implications for Conduct of Monetary Policy
Apr Utilities Tariffs are Revised Upwards
Mar Government of Japan Donates M42 Million for Construction of Schools
Feb Lesotho Budget Speech for Fiscal Year 2008/2009
Jan Aid for Trade: Does Lesotho Feature?

2007 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review Format
Dec The Economic Impact of the Surge in Crude Oil
Nov Human Development Report 2007
Oct Government Provides M10 million worth of Subsidies on Selected Food Items
Sep Lesotho Sovereign Rating for 2007
Aug The Impact of Credit Screening Rules on Credit Extension by Commercial Banks in Lesotho
Jul Lesotho Signs a Five Year Millennium Challenge Account Grant
Jun The Impact of Food Prices on Overall Inflation in Lesotho
May Inflation Developments and the Inflation Targeting Framework
Apr Public Sector Reform in Lesotho: Benefits and Challenges
Mar Private Sector Competitiveness and Economic Diversification Project for Lesotho
Feb Diamonds Mining in Lesotho: Economic Challenges
Jan Global Current Account Imbalances and Trends in the Current Account in Lesotho

2006 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review Format
Dec BASEL II as a Tool for Financial Institutions Supervision in Lesotho
Nov The Government of Lesotho Holds the 9th Donor Round Table Conference on Sustainable Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
Oct Lesotho Sovereign Rating for 2006
Sep Private Capital Flow Survey - Benefits for Lesotho Economy
Aug The Launching of Lesotho Wire System : Prospects for the Economy
Jul Bilateral Co operations and Tourism Sector as Potential Drivers for ..........
Jun The Upward Revision of Road Maintenance Levy: Implications for Lesotho Economy
May The Loti-Rand Peg: Benefits and Costs
Apr The Economic Impact of Temporary Price Controls on Bread
Mar Potential Outbreak of Avian Influenza: Implications for Lesotho
Feb Lesotho’s budget speech for the 2006/07 fiscal year: Results Do Matter
Jan Lesotho’s Potential for Export Diversification

2005 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review Format
Dec Declining Mineworkers’ Remittances: Implications for the Lesotho Economy
Nov Lesotho Hosts a Smart Partnership Dialogue: Some Spill-Over Effects on the Economy
Oct Lesotho Sovereign Rating for 2005
Sep The United Nations (UN) 2005 World Summit: Prospects for Lesotho
Aug Persistent Oil Price Increases: Prospects for the Economy of Lesotho
Jul Public Private Partnership (PPP) as a Strategy for Development
Jun Lesotho Signs a Grant Agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation
May The Government of Lesotho Holds a Workshop on Private Sector Development
Apr The Phasing-out of the Multi-Fibre Agreement (MFA): Its Implication on the Economy of Lesotho
Mar Poverty Reduction through Targeted Programmes: Microfinance and Decentralisation
Feb Lesotho's Budget Speech for the 2005/06 Fiscal Year: Progress, Prospects and Challenges for the Economy
Jan Nobel Prize for Central Bank Independence

2004 Economic Reviews

Month Economic Review Format
Dec World Development Report 2005
Nov Human Development Report 2004
Oct An Oil Crisis Looms: Prospects for the Economy of Lesotho
Sep Establishment of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Lesotho
Aug The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD): Lesotho Chapter
Jul Recent Trade Policy Agreements: What are the Implications for the Economy of Lesotho?
Jun Lesotho Vision 2020: The Way Forward
May The SACU-US Free Trade Area (FTA) Negotiations in Lesotho: An Overview
Apr An Assessment of the PRGF in Lesotho
Mar Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Lesotho
Feb Budget Speech for 2004/2005 Fiscal Year
Jan Progress on 2003 Reforms


   Other Publications

Publication Format
Economic Outlook 2015- 2018
Research Bulletin December 2015 Vol.1 No. 1

Report on the Private Capital Flows Survey 2011

Report on the Private Capital Flows Survey 2010

Report on the Private Capital Flows Survey 2009

Report on the Private Capital Flows Survey 2008
Report on the Workings of the Insurance Act 1976 and the General Review of the Insurance Business in 2007
Private Capital Flows Survey 2007
Report on the Workings of the Insurance Act 1976 and the General Review of the Insurance Business in 2006
Inflation and Economic Growth: An estimate of an optimal level of inflation in Lesotho
Report on the Private Capital Flows Survey 2006
The Comparative Analysis of the Cost of Banking services in SACU Countries
The Introduction of VAT in Lesotho
Chronology - Two and Half Decades of Experience and Growth


   Research Publications- Staff Occasional Papers
Publication Format
Estimation of Lesotho 's yield Curve
Exchancege Control Regulations in the CMA: Is Lesotho Lagging Behind?
Slow growth in South Africa: Spill Overs to other CMA countries
Financial Inclusion Conundrum in Lesotho: Is Mobile Money the missing piece in the puzzle?
Effects of South African Monetary Policy Implementation On the CMA: Panel Vector Autoregression Approach.
Anatomy of Financial Stability in Lesotho; Which external Shocks Matter.
The Architecture of Basel Accords: Perspectives on the evolution and Adaptation in the Context of Lesotho.
Some Thoughts on Some Options Open to Lesotho in the Tationalisation of the Financial Infrastructure and its Function
Migrant Workers Retrenchments: Implications for Lesotho Economy
Distribution of Incomes and Consumption in Lesotho
Effects of the 1990 Increase in the Price of Crude Oil on Lesotho’s Balance of Payments Position
Personal Income Tax in Lesotho: Its Impact on the Economy
A Polak Model for Lesotho
Emerging trends in the migration of Basotho Miners
Capital Flows Survey
Survey of Basotho Migrant Mineworkers - April 1992 - March 1993
Estimation of Lesotho curve


   Statistical Notes

Statistical Research Portal



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