Secondary Market Trading

Secondary market trading of Treasury securities issued in the primary market is done over the counter. Holders of such securities are free to trade them with any counterpart in the market. Changes in ownership shall only be effected by both parties to a transaction and upon completion of form CBL/TBR/2. On the day the transaction takes place, both the buyer and the seller, or their respective authorised representatives shall present themselves simultaneously at the Bank to complete the transaction. The Bank shall only act upon instructions contained in form CBL/TBR/2 completed and signed by authorised signatories of both parties to the transaction.

Financial Indicators

16 April 2024

Loti / US Dollar       19.0819
Loti / Euro 20.2458
Loti / Pound 23.7190
Loti / SDR 24.7808


Monthly Inflation (%) 2023 to 2024

Net International Reserves