Payments and Settlements Department


  • Departmental Mandate

To safeguard the safety, soundness and efficiency of payment, clearing and settlement systems as well as to protect the interest of consumers

  • Mission

Developing and implementing best of class payment, clearing and settlement systems through responsive and dynamic regulation, robust infrastructure, effective oversight and customer centricity.

  • Vision

To ensure that every Mosotho have access to a bouquet of payment options that are safe, secure, reliable, convenient, quick and affordable


  • Divisions

Payment systems are generally categorized as retail payment systems (RPSs) or as large-value payment systems (LVPSs). RPSs typically handle a large volume of relatively low-value payments in such forms as cheques, credit transfers, direct debits, and card payment transactions. RPSs may be operated either by the private sector or the public sector. LVPSs typically handle large-value and high-priority payments. Many LVPSs are owned and operated by central banks. The function of the Department of Payment and Settlement is structured in line with this definition, but more importantly also taking into consideration of the oversight role.

  • Operations & Development Division


  • Operate and monitor large value payment system
  • Provide terms and conditions for admission to be a participant in the large value payment system.
  • Organize, set technical standards and regulate the participation of members on the large value payment system
    • Policy, Oversight and Research Division


  • Facilitate oversight of the payment and settlement system. Oversight of payment and settlement systems is a central bank function whereby the objectives of safety and efficiency are promoted by monitoring existing and planned systems, assessing them against these objectives and, where necessary, inducing change
  • Promote financial inclusion and FinTech development
  • Licensing for operating a system in Lesotho (MNO and FinTech)


  • Payment Association of Lesotho Operations


  • Operate (Clearing and switching) and monitor retail payment system (cheques, credit transfers, direct debits, and card payment transactions)
  • Technology is facilitating the entry of new players in payments. The prominence of traditional providers of payment services (banks and debit and credit card networks) is being challenged by non-traditional Payment System Providers (telecom operators, social networks, payment aggregators). Therefore, there is emerging need to organise, set technical standards and regulate the participation of members on the retail payment system.
  • Supporting the development of effective standards and infrastructure arrangements

Financial Indicators

16 July 2024

Loti / US Dollar       18.2415
Loti / Euro 19.8633
Loti / Pound 23.6322
Loti / SDR 24.2119


Monthly Inflation (%) 2023 to 2024

Net International Reserves