Supervision Regulations

Regulation Format
Financial Surveillance & Integrity
AML Amendment Regulations, 2019
Exchange Control Regulations, 1989
Financial Institutions Regulations, 2015
L.N. No. 30-31 of 2024
Act No 3 of 2024
Act No. 2 of 2024
Legal Notice No. 11  
              Financial Consumer Protection (Disclosure of credit information) Regulations 2023
Legal Notice No. 12  
              No. 87 Money Laundering (Administrative Sanctions) Rules, 2023
Legal Notice No. 25  
No. 83 Financial Institutions (Computation of Capital Charge for Credit, Operational and Market Risks) Regulations 2023
No. 63 Insurance (Capital, Solvency and Reserves Requirements for Iinsureres) Regulations, 2016
No. 37 Financial Institutions (Lending Limits) Regulations 2016  
No. 38 Financial Institutions (Consolidated Supervision) Regulations 2016  
No. 39 Financial Institutions (Banks) Risk Management Regulations 2016  
Legal Notice No. 26  
No. 40. Financial Institutions (Liquidity Requirements) Regulations 2016
No. 41. Financial Institutions (Disclosure of Bank Charges and Interest Rates) Regulations 2016
No. 42. Financial Institutions (Commercial Banking Permissible Activities) Regulations 2016
No. 43. Financial Institutions (Agent Banking) Regulations 2016
Legal Notice No. 28  
No.48. Financial Institutions (Prompt Corrective Action) Regulations, 2016
No 49. Financial Institutions (Risk Based Capital Requirements) Regulations 2016
No.50. Financial Institutions (Banks) Branching Requirements) Regulations 2016
No.51. Financial Institutions (Foreign Currency Exposure Limits) Regulations 2016
Legal Notice No. 29  
No.45. Financial Institutions (Minimum Local Assets Requirements ) Regulations 2016
No.46 Financial Institutions (Licensing Requirements) Regulations) 2016
No. 47 Financial Institutions (Banks) ( Asset Classification) Regulations 2016
No.52. Financial Institutions (Mergers and Transfer of Assets and Liabilities) Regulations 2016
Legal Notice No. 30  
No. 54 Financial Institutions (Disclosure of Financial Information) Regulations, 2016
Legal Notice No. 86
              101 Financial Institutions (Know your Customer) 1271 Guidelines 2021
Legal Notice No. 101
              Financial Instititutions (Payment of Expenses for Examination)  Regulations 2019
Legal Notice No. 134
              Financial Instititutions (Large Financial Cooperatives)  Regulations 2016
Insurance Investments & Securities
Central Bank (collective Investment Schemes) (Amendment) Regulations 2023 and its Rectification Notice
Insurance (Registration & Licensing Requirements) Regulations, 2021
Insurance (Qualification Requirements for Insurance Intermediaries) Regulations 2021
Collective Investent Schemes Regulations 2018
Legal Notice No.63 2016
Legal Notice No. 57
Declaration of Currency Notice 2014
Exchange Control Regulations 1989
Financial Institutions (Disclosure Financial Information) Regulations 2016
Lesotho Government Gazette No. 61  
Insurance (Licensing of Insurance Intermediaries) Regulations 2016
Insurance (Financial Reporting Requirements) Regulations 2016
Insurance (Reinsurance) Regulations 2016
Insurance (Fit and Proper Requirements for intermediaries) Regulations 2016
Insurance (Good Practice for Insurance intermediaries) Code 2016
Insurance (Good Practice for Insurers) Code 2016
Pension Funds and Micro Insurance Regualtions img pdf
Micro-finance Amendment Regulation img pdf
Financial Institutions (Foreign Exchange Bureau) Regulations 2014 img pdf
Financial Institutions( Financial Lease) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 img pdf
Credit only and deposit taking Micro-Finance Institutions Amendment Regulations 2018 img pdf
Financial Institutions (Credit Only and Deposit Taking Microfinance Institutions) (Amendment) Regulations, 2018 img pdf
Credit Reporting Regulations Part I
Credit Reporting Regulations Part II
FI Merger and Transfer of Assets & Liabilities 2004
FI Min Local Assets Amendment
FI Ancillary Finservice Providers Regulations
Financial Institutions Regulations 2000
Financial Institutions (Credit Only & Deposit Taking Micro-finance Institutions) 2014
Money Transfer Regulations 2014
Financial Lease Regulations
MFI Regulations 2014

Financial Indicators

16 July 2024

Loti / US Dollar       18.2415
Loti / Euro 19.8633
Loti / Pound 23.6322
Loti / SDR 24.2119


Monthly Inflation (%) 2023 to 2024

Net International Reserves