Occasional Analytical Note

The Occasional Analytical Note (OAN) is a non-periodic publication that provides a platform for discussion and analysis of topical issues. The topical issues emanate from domestic, regional and global events and developments that have a bearing on Lesotho’s economy and/or present valuable economic and social development oriented theoretical and policy lessons.


Paper  Format
Debt Sustainability Analysis: Balance Sheet Approach vs Traditional approach img pdf
Diamonds Are Not Forever: Implications for Lesotho img pdf
The Fiscal Implications of COVID-19 for Lesotho: Lessons from Past Crises img pdf
Monetary Policy in Fixed Exchange Rate Regime Economies img pdf
An Assessment of the Likely Implications of a SARB Dual Mandate on CMA Countries img pdf
Transfer Pricing, its Implications on the Economy img pdf
An Analysis and Comparison of Banking Sector Development in the CMA img pdf
Monetary Policy Divergence in Advanced Economies: Implications for Lesotho img pdf
Medium-term notes and capital markets developments in lesotho: an alternative financing vehicle img pdf

Financial Indicators

20 October 2020

Loti / US Dollar       16.5251
Loti / Euro 19.5161
Loti / Pound 21.3636
Loti / SDR                                            23.3771

Monthly Inflation (%) 2019 to 2020

Net International Reserves