Financial Sector Development Strategy (FSDS) Unit

The Financial Sector Development Strategy Unit is charged with the responsibility of implementing the FSDS and liaising with relevant stakeholders to ensure successful achievement of objectives of the Strategy.
The functions of the Unit include the following:

  • To provide support to the Implementation Committee in the implementation of the FSDS;
  • To monitor progress in the implementation of FSDS projects by the implementing line Ministries and agencies;
  • To mobilise and coordinate donor funding for all financial related projects and ensure that all support is aligned with FSDS;
  • To report all progress to the Implementing Committee;
  • To take a lead role in preparing draft policies on cross-cutting issues such as pensions;
  • To coordinate the participation of multiple stakeholders in forums such as the steering group for legal reforms;
  • To assist with the establishment and management of stakeholders’ working groups to promote the exchange of information and, foster collective / common views and approaches to financial sector issues as well as facilitating the dialogue with development partners and catalyse their support;
  • To maintain a register of all FSDS projects, their implementation dates and implementing stakeholders;
  • To provide logistical support for the organisation of workshops and meetings, including development of materials and production of relevant reports;
  • To review all project proposals and terms of reference for consultants to ensure focus on policy actions and expected outcomes; and
  • To review all technical assistance deliverables to ensure quality.


Financial Indicators

14 January 2021

Loti / US Dollar       15.2508
Loti / Euro 18.5304
Loti / Pound 20.7944
Loti / SDR                                            21.9945

Monthly Inflation (%) 2019 to 2020

Net International Reserves