1.1 I wish to welcome you to this breakfast meeting and thank you for accepting our invitation to come and join us in this event aimed at prompting your interest in the capital markets as an alternative source of finance. Your presence here, in this cold morning, is a clear indication of your desire to grow your businesses through capital markets.

1.2 I also want to thank our colleagues from Government, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Lesotho National Development Corporation and all corporations here represented for joing us. We know that the achievement of sustainable and inclusive economic growth requires close collaboration between government and private sector.

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Financial Indicators

16 April 2024

Loti / US Dollar       19.0819
Loti / Euro 20.2458
Loti / Pound 23.7190
Loti / SDR 24.7808


Monthly Inflation (%) 2023 to 2024

Net International Reserves