Macroeconomic Nowcasting and Forecasting

Macroeconomic Nowcasting and Forecasting using Machine Learning Techniques

In simpler terms:

  1. Macroeconomic Nowcasting: This provides real-time updates on the current state of the economy, helping economists understand immediate economic conditions with minimal delay.
  2. Forecasting: This projects future economic trends using current and historical data, aiding in making informed predictions about the economy's direction.
  3. Machine Learning Techniques: These advanced computational methods analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and enhance the accuracy of economic predictions.

"Yes, these processes indeed help economists assess the likely paths of economic activity and provide quick updates on the economy, as well as predictions about what might happen in the future".

Financial Indicators

16 July 2024

Loti / US Dollar       18.2415
Loti / Euro 19.8633
Loti / Pound 23.6322
Loti / SDR 24.2119


Monthly Inflation (%) 2023 to 2024

Net International Reserves