Invitation to Bid Closing Date
Social Media Monitoring Tool 05th June 2020
Acquisition of a reserves manangement system 03rd April 2020
Supply and delivery of fresh flowers arrangements/bouquet 27th March 2020
Acquition and implementation of Portfolio Management Software 28th February 2020
Acquition of the Reserves Management System 20th March 2020
RFP - Acquisition of the Human Resource Management System
14th February 2020
RFP - Cleaning Services at LRCC 17th January 2020
RFP - Consultancy for the review of Information Management Services 15th November 2019
Invitation to tender_ITT Database Scanner 20th September 2019
Invitation to Bid_Carpet Specialists or Category A or B Contractors
23rd August 2019
RFP - Commercial Audit Tool 16th August 2019
RFP - Implementation_of_IR 02nd August 2019
RFP - Acquisition and Implementation Portfolio Mannagement Software 12th July 2019
Bidding Documents - Supply, Delivery and Installation of Office Window Treatments 05th July 2019
RFP - Provision of External Audit Services for the Central Bank of Lesotho 21st June 2019
RFP - Card Switch ConsultantCard Switch Consultant 14th June 2019
2. MEFMI PCMS Requirements Document 23rd May 2019
1. Re-Advert: Request for Proposals to Redesign and Develop MEFMI Web Enabled PCMS
23rd May 2019
RFP- Library Modernization 7th June 2019
Tender for High Capacity Document Shredder 24th May 2019
Invitation to tender - Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of X-Ray Screening System 03rd May 2019


Financial Indicators

28 May 2020

Loti / US Dollar       17.3457
Loti / Euro 19.1219
Loti / Pound 21.3040
Loti / SDR                                            23.7111

Monthly Inflation (%) 2019 to 2020

Net International Reserves